Dental Webinars

Sesame Webinars can be taken from anywhere, even from home! All you need is an Internet connection and a phone for easy access.




Online Patient Forms

Do you find your patients spending half of their appointment time filling out paperwork? Sometimes it is illegible, takes a long time, or they just aren't sure on things?  Well Sesame has the answer!  
Once you take this class, you will be able to customize patient forms in your Sesame Control Panel and launch them to your website immediately, as well as make changes to it 24/7 without having to print anything off.  The completed forms will be submitted automatically online and stored in your Sesame Control Panel, so you can check insurance benefits ahead of time allowing more exact estimates when presenting treatment, and have all patient information in the computer when the patient walks in the door.
The first half of this class will show you how to customize and edit the forms, and during the second half you will be editing your own and have the instructor right there for any questions you may have.  As soon as you finish this class, forms will be available to go live on your site at your discretion.


Tuesday September 30, 2014 at 10:00am PST Click here to register for this class time

Wednesday October 15, 2014 at 9:30am PST Click here to register for this class time

Thursday October 30, 2014 at 10:00am PST Click here to register for this class time

Monday November 17, 2014 at 8:00am PST Click here to register for this class time

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Sesame Interactive

Save time with doctor-to-doctor Online Case Collaboration!  Communicate with referring dentists and specialists, share patient photos and x-rays online, and make treatment decisions in a matter of hours.  Doctors are encouraged to attend.



Please call our Member Services team to schedule a one-on-one training for Sesame Interactive - 866.537.8272


* All times are listed for Pacific Time


Do-It-Yourself Editing

Sesame Communications is excited to provide you with an online service that enables you to make changes to your Sesame-hosted web site yourself! This overview will show you how easy it is to find the pages you want to edit, change and format text, and preview and save your edits. Previous DIY editors will benefit from the new look and feel.


Now available On-Demand!


Guest Expert Webinars

Guest Expert Webinars and Sesame Webinars are presented by industry thought leaders and our team of experts, and are open to Sesame Members and Guests.  Get an opportunity to “ask the experts” and learn valuable tips on building, promoting and improving your practice or listen while we will walk you through Sesame Services and show you how to maximize your investment.

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